Saturday, December 22, 2012

GSL Ads + AdBlock Plus

GSL has changed the way they show ads.
Now you will find that with AdBlock enabled, the game VOD won't load.

I have come up with a SOLUTION:
Add the custom filter:

For Google Chrome:
Go into AdBlock Options (Right click the stop sign with a hand on the address bar, and click Options)
Click the Customize tab
Next to "Manually edit your filters", click the Edit button and add the line:

For Mozilla Firefox:
on the menu bar, click Tools, Adblock Plus, Filter Preferences.
Click the Customize tab
Make sure "Exception Rules" is checkmarked and highlighted on the left, and on the right click the "Add Filter" button.
Type in and press enter.

(Explanation: @@ means exception, and this .swf file is what is used to "play" the ads which is a pre-requisite for the VOD to load, however the ads still won't play due to the OTHER rules that are in place for the domains the ads come from.)

RANT: Honestly I feel the $109 yearly Premium subscription I paid for should include ad-free watching capability. And since I already bought my subscription for 2013, I can't just "upgrade" to the $149 for "Premium Plus" package for no ads.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Network+ Certification

Passed my 2nd certification today, Network+. w00t.  :-) And it actually was a lot harder than A+.
Cost $260 to sign up for the test and $43 for a self-study textbook :P
Now I have enough credentials to be a full fledged Network Administrator.

  • CompTIA Network+ Certified since 1/30/2012 (score 825/900)

Covering such topics (very partial list) as :
Identify the following address formats: IPv6; IPv4; MAC addressing.
Identify common IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols.
Explain the purpose and properties of routing
Identify common physical network topologies
Categorize LAN technology types and properties
Explain common logical network topologies and their characteristics
Install, configure and differentiate between common network devices.
Explain the advanced features of a switch
Given a scenario, utilize the appropriate hardware tools.
Explain common features of a firewall
Explain methods of user authentication
Explain issues that affect device security.

Each topic above is in laymans terms but the knowledge tested was very technical, and just goes to prove my 15 years of experience and 20,000+ hours are more than sufficient.

I may write a tutorial about what the exam concentrates on, later on, from my study notes and textbook.