Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Concerts @ Webster Hall NYC

I'm going to Feed Me + Mord Fustang on Saturday Feb 2nd @ Webster Hall NYC.

Also Zedd on March 1st @ Webster Hall NYC.

Spotify Links (if you don't have spotify - Get spotify!!) I have a premium subscription and its so worth it.
Zedd – Clarity
Zedd – Shave It (501 Remix)

Morgan Page – In the Air (Mord Fustang Remix)

Don't normally post things but I will start posting more and I wanted to let everyone know that they should get tickets now!!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Time is wrong.

Somewhere along the way, the concept of counting what time of day it is - on a 12h scale - went wrong.
The 24h scale is also equally wrong but less so.
Starting at midnight:
Midnight (the word) makes sense, but why is it 12:00. I would propose it being changed to 6:00. Since (at least around winter time) its been dark for about 6 hours... This is not a very convincing reason ... yet.
Next take a look at 6:30 AM.
Most people are waking up for work or for grade school around this time. Since it is the time that 90% of mainstream society accepts that the day is beginning, 6:30 AM should be 00:30. (6 should be 0).
Noon will no longer be 12:00 it will now be 6 since it is halfway through the day.
When it gets dark, it will no longer be some time around 5:45/6:00 PM = we can now call it 12:00.

Of course nobody will ever succeed in changing the format of which clock system billions of people use, but I can always hope.