Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bitcoin Mining Hardware Comparison 7850 7950 5870 5830


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genBTC's Card Comparison Spreadsheet

I will continue to work on this chart, and it is a work in progress.
Created February 25th 2013, Updated February 25th 2013 
Columns listed are:
Model !! MH/s #1 !! MH/s #2 !! Record Hashrate !! Common Hashrate !! TDP(W) !! Measured(W) !! Shaders !! Core Clock !! Max Clock !! Comments !! Newegg($USD) !! Ebay Price($USD) !! MSRP ($USD) !!  Cheap Price ($USD)
ModelMH/s #1MH/s #2Record HashrateCommon HashrateTDP(W)Measured(W)ShadersCore ClockMax ClockCommentsNewegg($USD)Ebay Price($USD)MSRP ($USD)Cheap Price ($USD)
5770212.83200108$178?$159$ 50
58303022203022751751120800 MHz$105$239$ 65
5850346.162703311511601440725 MHz$101$259$ 90
58703934203701882131600850 MHz$165$379$125
59707047007467002943253200725 MHzDual 5870s$248$599$269
6750167.5917086720725 MHz$ 67$109
6770196.67200108800900 MHz$ 84$135
6850213.7250127121960775 MHz$104$179
6870278.313001501411120900 MHz$124$239
69503693503602001408800 MHz$171$299
69703974004002501536880 MHz$172$369
69907727007503753072830 MHzDual 6970s$372$699
775012320012555512800 MHz900$ 89$ 93$109
7770250200806401000 MHz1120$119$ 98$159
78503753001301024860 MHz$169$177$249
787040017512801000 MHz$229$227$349
79504505002001792850 MHz$299$307$449
79706856006002502712048925 MHz1100$399$391$549
799011005555414096925 MHzDual 7970s$899$777$999
MH/s #1 taken from Joseph Woodrell's chart directly below this one.
MH/s #2 taken from https://bitclockers.com/calc
Record Hashrate & Common Hashrate - If you want your Hashrates added in the chart, please send a message to genBTC on this site.
TDP, Shaders, Core Clock comes from http://www.hwcompare.com/ & Amd.com to Verify
Max Clock means max STOCK clockspeed, ie: cards that come factory overclocked. Data acquired by scanning whats available on newegg.
Newegg Price was taken from the LOWEST priced card on 2/25/2013 @ 8 PM EST, REBATES DISREGARDED
Ebay Price taken from http://cgi5.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?SellHub3 and questionable prices marked with a ?
MSRP may be removed from this chart, as I'm not sure it serves any purpose.
Cheap Price = Used price. Sourced from All over the internet as if I had to buy the card today.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


For Bitcoin to work as a currency, its value against USD has to keep rising since there's so much less of it. In a perfect world, one Satoshi might equal one US mil (1/10th cent)

If that ever happened, 1 BTC would equal 100,000 USD
It won't ever get that high, but that example shows you why it has to increase to work

From now until some time in 2016, the block reward is 25 BTC. One block is solved on average every 10 minutes. Every 2016 blocks, the network self-adjusts block difficulty based on the current network hashrate to keep this average intact.

The 25 coin difficulty was pre-built in. Every 210,000 (?) blocks, the block reward halves, until it eventually goes to 0 once 21 million coins exist.

So was difficulty but the difficulty didn't react quickly enough for fpga's hence why we will have an ASIC armageddon if they are real, because the diff adjust will not let the system spiral out of control but wasn't resistant or quick enough to combat exponential hashrate increases so it went all bonkers.

So, for the next few years, 25 BTC is mined every 10 minutes. That ends up being 1,134,000 BTC/year

So it doesn't matter what the network hashrate is, that's the maximum BTC to be divided up annually among all the miners.

Network hashrate matters for time it takes to get to the next drop, just not directly related

So Butterfly Labs has done almost 20,000 pre-orders, and they're bound to do a few hundred more orders once they actually ship. Now let's imagine that they're the ONLY company on the market, and that every GPU miner just ups and quits once the network is saturated with ASICs.

Let's also imagine that those 20,000 BFL ASICs hash at equal speeds.

That would mean that each miner could only get 65.7 BTC of the 1,314,000 BTC available per year.

Now, the problem with that example is that every ASIC isn't equally powered, and they're NOT the only company on the market, and a lot of GPU miners are actually in it for the network philosophy and not just for the money.

Anyway, you see the ASIC dilemma.... in an ideal situation, each ASIC is going to bring you 65 BTC/year. But it's probably not going to be an ideal situation.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bitcoin rates

Bitcoins are becoming more and more popular.
The following is a short list of where you can buy bitcoins and what fees you can expect to be charged to receive your BTC currency from USD.

Compiled @ 2/15/2013

Bitcoin Rates!

Perfect Money
Liberty Reserve
CosmicPay Exchanges FROM CosmicPay require us to obtain payment approval (usually within 1 business day).

@ Exchange Rate of 0.0359
11 BTC
=$306.41 (@ rate of 1 BTC will cost $27.86 MtGox USD)

AurumXchange =
Liberty Reserve (Instant funding - NO FEE)
PerfectMoney (INSTANT funding - 1% FEE)
Pecunix (INSTANT funding - NO FEE)
HD-Money (INSTANT funding - NO FEE)
VouchX Vouchers (INSTANT funding - NO FEE)
CosmicPay (INSTANT funding - NO FEE)
C-Gold (INSTANT funding - 5% FEE)
SolidTrustPay (WITHIN 1 to 2 business days - 8% FEE)

Banking and other payment methods:
International Wire Transfer in USD (WITHIN 1 to 2 business days - NO FEE)
CASH deposit at 10,000 locations in the USA (WITHIN 1 hour - at 3.75% fee!)

Bitinstant - Payments generally clear within 1 minute and
- Fees vary on average between 0.25% and 1.00% based on the amount being sent and various market factors.
Dwolla - Verified Only
Bank Transfer   - not recommended, minimum 1000 yen fee + intermediary bank fees (mentions something about ~$50 USD cost)
Liberty Reserve ------ Not working ???
OKPay / CashU/ Liqpay - 1% Fee

International bank transfer deposits carry 0.1% deposit fee on our side (minimum fee = $15) and take 2 - 5 business days to credit. All other currencies will be converted to USD, free of charge.

Buy  11 BTC  at $27.30 USD each.

Subtotal $300.30
Coinbase fee $  3.00 (1% Fee)
Bank fee $  0.15 (15 cent fee)
Total = $303.45

$303 Deposit / 11 BTC = 27.54~ MAX price
$3.80 LocalTill Fee

Major Bank partners via Trustcash.
Cash Deposit 3.99% Fee @ Local Locations via ZipZap.
ZipZap Coupon to MtGox
$300.0 USD $288.03 USD 3.99%

Exchanges (MtGox,Bitstamp, BTC-E)
Bistamp Coupon to MtGox
$300.0 USD $297.33 USD 0.89%
MtGox Coupon to MtGox
$300.0 USD $297.33 USD 0.89%
Dwolla to MtGox
$300.0 USD $294.03 USD 1.99%
BTC-E Coupon to MtGox
$300.0 USD $297.33 USD 0.89%
VouchX Coupon to MtGox
$300.0 USD $297.33 USD 0.89%



One exchange (Bitcoin-Central, owned by Paymium)
VouchX vouchers can also be redeemed natively at four new exchanges:
- Bitme.com
- Vircurex.com
- Icbit.se
- Bitcoin-24.com