Monday, June 02, 2014

Lucid Dream and Levitate

I just had a shocking lucid dream. If I find that I have complete control in the dream, I can levitate my 1st person view and I woulda thought that to anyone in the dream they could see my body levitate. But nobody ever can. I always levitate to try to shock the dream subjects, and its useless, nobody can even see it let alone appreciate it....... But just now, there was a girl in the dream at a family party, decided to levitate (indoors, so only a couple feet off the ground) and she was the only person who could see it even though others in the room were looking right at me. Shoulda seen the expression on her face, she let out a gasp of shock put her hand on her head and she ran into the bathroom, so I came down out of levitation and I said "You can see that?" and she just nodded yes, and I said "sorry, can i come in?" and she let me into the bathroom with her. (to find out the explanation). Before I could explain anything I was jolted awake and onto my feet within a split second and stumbled around my room before I could walk properly.

I'm posting this because out of hundreds of times of levitating in box stores, parking lots, open fields, music festivals, (in the dream obviously) not one person has ever been able to see it. I just do it for my own fun. But she could. And I was jarred awake before the universe could let me explain it to her. I think because there's some kind of inherent protection where the dream subjects can't know they're part of a dream.(because I have been jarred awake by other conversations, and if you try to coax information out of the dream subjects about supernatural phenomenon or anything that a normal physical bodied human wouldn't be able to answer they just stay silent with a blank stare). And inevitably I would have revealed to her that she was part of my dream (really cause its the only true explanation, and yes I know very well the dream is a dream while i'm dreaming it), so I was jarred awake so forcefully that it even prevented me from re-entering the dream. (which I can make happen maybe 1% of the time).

For anyone wondering about the levitation, It's sort of like floating but you can control it. Its as if I were space, with little jet thrusters, they can overshoot the target so if you are going too fast, you can't land or turn properly. The jets are basically mounted to my upper back or shoulders, because when flying fast, my legs trail behind me at maybe a 45 degree angle, not straight back like superman. I've gone as high as the hi-voltage overhead main distribution power lines, which is about 300-500 feet i suppose. One time I wanted to see if I could be entangled in the power lines and the answer was no. For example its exactly as if I was in No-clip mode in the video game Doom.  I haven't been able to try to go through more solid objects, it might be impossible because my brain has no reference for what seeing through  solid objects looks like. I think that perhaps my body but not my head can pass through objects, or that only the upper shoulders/neck/head is prevented from going through solid objects, because I have experienced what i presume were my legs (or where biopositioning tells me my legs should be) having gone through tables and cars.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

My Favorite Programs

     I decided to help people out and list the best programs that you may not know
They may be obscure, but are highly useful and lightweight.
Then I got carried away and started listing everything I use.
 I may or may not get around to sorting this out better and including links for everything.

My Favorite New Programs in order of most used:  Alternates in Red:

LastPass, KeepPass (Password Manager - access all websites with 1 master password)
Greenshot (Screenshot - uploads to Imgur, save to file, etc)
DesktopSlides (Wallpapers Cycler - downloaded in High-Res (2560x1440) from )
Link Shell Extension  Hardlinks provide the ability to keep a single copy of a file yet have it appear in multiple folders (directories).
YawCAM (to use webcam as motion sensitive security)
Process Lasso
UltraISO, TotalMounter, Alcohol 52% 
Eraser (Secure Erase) or WipeFile
Album Art Downloader
EasyBCD, VisualBCD (easily edit Win 7 boot menu entries for dual Boot etc)
GetDataBack NTFS
PDFStreamDumper (manually check for [malicious] javascript in PDF files)

Preferred Mainstream Programs:

AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2014
Malwarebytes Anti-malware (free)
Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary (devel)Mozilla Firefox
HexChat (IRC)
foobar2000, Winamp
VLC Media Player
Media Player Classic - BE (Black Edition) ALL codecs built-in
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema x64 
Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) 
K-Lite Codec Pack x64Shark007 Codecs
Serviio free (DLNA Home Media Server), or Mezzmo($)
SierraChart (Financial Market Analysis)
Pidgin, Trillian (Instant Messaging)
TeamSpeak 3, Ventrilo (alternately Raidcall)
WinRAR, 7-Zip
CygWin (run a Linux shell or programs on windows)
OBS Open Broadcaster Software (stream desktop or games to, or XSplit
FileZilla (FTP Client) and FileZilla Server (FTP Server)
WireShark (requires WinPCAP)
ShadowProtect Desktop (Automated Differential Network Backup)
Microsoft Office 2003 (because lightweight/portable) or free LibreOffice, OpenOffice
VMWare Workstation 8, VirtualBox 4.1.4

LiberKey (contains hundreds of tiny utilitarian programs):

Remove Empty Directories
CrystalDiskInfo (View HDD SMART data and temperatures)
Process Explorer
Process Monitor
Revo Uninstaller
Everything (lists everything by filename = indexes hard drive to a text file)
TimeSync (Syncs clock, use, since I disabled Windows Time Service)
CurrPorts (list all open TCP/IP ports and what process opened them)
LibreOffice (instead of M$ Office)


Sublime Text 2 or 3
Eclipse IDE
WinDiff,Compare It! (line by line File comparison)
HxD (Hex Editor)
Visual Studio 2010 ($$)
Python 2.7, PyQT, QT 4.8.4

Cloud Storage:

MediaFire Desktop


MultiDoge (Dogecoin)
Electrum, Armory (alternatives)

Video Encoding:

MKVToolnix (MKVMerge, MKVInfo)
FLAC Frontend 


MSI Afterburner
GPU-Z, CPU-Z, HWMonitor
Intel Extreme Tuning Utility
Fritz Chess Benchmark
Hard Drive Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark, AS SSD Benchmark, HD Tune, HD Tach
Prime95, SuperPI, ORTHOS

Pro Audio, Music Production (most $$$):

Ableton Live 9.1.1, FL Studio 10.9, BitWig Studio 1.0.4
Arturia Analog Factory
Arturia Spark
KORG Legacy
Traktor 2
Kontakt 5
Massive 1.3.0
impOSCAR 2
this list is far from done.

Pegboard Nerds - Hero in Ableton live

Pegboard Nerds - Hero

Ableton Live Project

Ableton Pack .alp 400mb (samples, stems, everything)
Ableton Set .als  - 223k  (just template)
Hero (my reproduction) - 43.1mb (FLAC)
Pegboard Nerds - Hero.flac - 44.3mb Original (FLAC 1118kbps 16bit/44.1khz Lossless)

Waveform Comparison  (new - top, original - bottom)

So there is a remix contest of this song, and they provided stems, but they are so hard to use, the only ones that actually line up to each other are the Outro ones.
There were also no drums included.
I packaged up all the existing stems and all the samples I used into an Ableton live pack singular file.
There's a lot of work that went into this.

Feel free to use this to make your own remix and submit it.

I'm also going to see Pegboard nerds at their concert @ Webster Hall this friday 4/11/2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I've been working on this 7x7x7 rubix cube. It's pretty time consuming but fun. The centers were the most fun, the edges are "easier" theoretically but take longer.  You'd think most of it looks finished, but its really like half done.