Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bitcoin Mining Hardware Comparison 7850 7950 5870 5830


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genBTC's Card Comparison Spreadsheet

I will continue to work on this chart, and it is a work in progress.
Created February 25th 2013, Updated February 25th 2013 
Columns listed are:
Model !! MH/s #1 !! MH/s #2 !! Record Hashrate !! Common Hashrate !! TDP(W) !! Measured(W) !! Shaders !! Core Clock !! Max Clock !! Comments !! Newegg($USD) !! Ebay Price($USD) !! MSRP ($USD) !!  Cheap Price ($USD)
ModelMH/s #1MH/s #2Record HashrateCommon HashrateTDP(W)Measured(W)ShadersCore ClockMax ClockCommentsNewegg($USD)Ebay Price($USD)MSRP ($USD)Cheap Price ($USD)
5770212.83200108$178?$159$ 50
58303022203022751751120800 MHz$105$239$ 65
5850346.162703311511601440725 MHz$101$259$ 90
58703934203701882131600850 MHz$165$379$125
59707047007467002943253200725 MHzDual 5870s$248$599$269
6750167.5917086720725 MHz$ 67$109
6770196.67200108800900 MHz$ 84$135
6850213.7250127121960775 MHz$104$179
6870278.313001501411120900 MHz$124$239
69503693503602001408800 MHz$171$299
69703974004002501536880 MHz$172$369
69907727007503753072830 MHzDual 6970s$372$699
775012320012555512800 MHz900$ 89$ 93$109
7770250200806401000 MHz1120$119$ 98$159
78503753001301024860 MHz$169$177$249
787040017512801000 MHz$229$227$349
79504505002001792850 MHz$299$307$449
79706856006002502712048925 MHz1100$399$391$549
799011005555414096925 MHzDual 7970s$899$777$999
MH/s #1 taken from Joseph Woodrell's chart directly below this one.
MH/s #2 taken from https://bitclockers.com/calc
Record Hashrate & Common Hashrate - If you want your Hashrates added in the chart, please send a message to genBTC on this site.
TDP, Shaders, Core Clock comes from http://www.hwcompare.com/ & Amd.com to Verify
Max Clock means max STOCK clockspeed, ie: cards that come factory overclocked. Data acquired by scanning whats available on newegg.
Newegg Price was taken from the LOWEST priced card on 2/25/2013 @ 8 PM EST, REBATES DISREGARDED
Ebay Price taken from http://cgi5.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?SellHub3 and questionable prices marked with a ?
MSRP may be removed from this chart, as I'm not sure it serves any purpose.
Cheap Price = Used price. Sourced from All over the internet as if I had to buy the card today.


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