Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Pegboard Nerds - Hero in Ableton live

Pegboard Nerds - Hero

Ableton Live Project

Ableton Pack .alp 400mb (samples, stems, everything)
Ableton Set .als  - 223k  (just template)
Hero (my reproduction) - 43.1mb (FLAC)
Pegboard Nerds - Hero.flac - 44.3mb Original (FLAC 1118kbps 16bit/44.1khz Lossless)

Waveform Comparison  (new - top, original - bottom)

So there is a remix contest of this song, and they provided stems, but they are so hard to use, the only ones that actually line up to each other are the Outro ones.
There were also no drums included.
I packaged up all the existing stems and all the samples I used into an Ableton live pack singular file.
There's a lot of work that went into this.

Feel free to use this to make your own remix and submit it.

I'm also going to see Pegboard nerds at their concert @ Webster Hall this friday 4/11/2014

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Dj Starrr said...

Thx u what do u think about this dj pack? I am thinking about buying this pack?