Saturday, November 19, 2016

Senseful Solutions: Viewing Chrome cache (the easy way) UPDATED

SOURCE: The original website is located here:
Senseful Solutions: Viewing Chrome cache (the easy way)

How to view a file from the cache:

  1. COPY the code in the pastebin link at the bottom of this post, including all the ( )
  2. In Chrome, navigate to chrome://cache/
  3. Ctrl+F to find whichever file you want to view, then Click on it.
  4. You should then see a page with a bunch of text and numbers.
  5. In Chrome, Press F12 to open the DevTools Console
  6. Near the bottom, find the > cursor character, click and PASTE the copied code and Press Enter. 
  7. Alt-Tab switch back to the main cache contents window.
  8. You should then see a link which says Download cached file on the top. Click to download it obviously.
  1. If the resulting downloaded file is a compressed gzip archive (Gzip encoding) (should be a .gz file, or maybe push Ctrl+F and search for: gzip to make sure) :
  2. Use 7-zip or a program that reads these files to open the .gz archive And extract the file inside, giving it the appropriate file extension of what exactly the filename was originally. (viewable on the top line)
  3. There you have your file.

UPDATED with code from Ron Howard February 29,2016:

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