Thursday, July 13, 2017

FSV Filesystem Navigator - from Jurassic Park - SGI IRIX Sun Solaris clone - running on Windows

Ive been working on porting this 3D Filesystem Viewer or FSV from Linux to Windows. It looks like this and was made by this guy:

(little sample of errors to clear)

For some reason i decided to try to download this one because it has a lot more to it, like a whole menu/window/status/UI :) and it was wayyy harder to compile, in fact its not even fully working, theres a few issues preventing me from distributing it. But as you can probably tell, the look is just NOT there, its all wrong, you cant move well. Its a pretty bad program, even if it was for all intents and purposes the most real "clone" of the original SGI code. Which I do have and its from 1992-03-19 which is where the visual aesthetic of the blue Sky, grass, desert, ocean, space, indigo themes come from. Nobody elses code really has that. And it probably has more stuff, but i dont think i have the actual source available, just half of it.

Coded by
-Abei Villafane

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