Friday, May 12, 2017

Last Blog Post was too long. TLDR:

You can download the Windows 10 Security Updates seperately from the Creator's Update.
And its much less risky.

To get a history of when you last installed updates,
open a command prompt and run:
C:\Windows\System32\Wbem\wmic.exe qfe list
look for the last one from NT AUTHORITY \ SYSTEM and look at the date. Thats how out of date you are.

then run:

Look for the ver and download the right one below:
*Written May 12, 2017. Current until June 13, 2017*

For ver 10240: download this:
For ver 10586: download this:
For ver 14393: download this:
For ver 15063: download this:

Updates come once a month, on the 2nd tuesday of the month.
When you need to check for updates, bookmark this URL directly: 

Windows 10 Update History List

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