Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Windows 10 Restricted Traffic Limited Functionality Baseline

Theoretically this is what microsoft recommends for businsses to control what data gets out.
And you can do it to protect yourself.
It basically locks windows firewall down to absolute minimum, and turns on a ton of group policy settings to restrict stuff (that may or may not help - given what Mark Burnett has recently posted about)
And also probably disables a lot of excess windows features that you likely dont need.

Thats what me and burnett do, we also both use a program called Windows Firewall Control.
as a frontend for regular Windows Firewall.

Download the first link zip file from microsoft and read how to use it and apply it,
(it will kick you offline if you dont have firewall rules whitelist allowed for every program you use)

You also have to download this:
seperately, and extract it to \1607\Tools and \1703\Tools dir. (The script relies on it and without having it you might think it worked if you're not careful, tho it does say one tiny error. )
This page explains LGPO if you're interested in group policy objects

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