Monday, March 04, 2013


OK. I have a server running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 bla blah.... So it was having some HDD issues (I guess a 9 year old hard drive isn't the best thing to run a server off of.) So I ran chkdsk and it found some bad sectors and it erased some files that i thought looked like system files, but I had no choice in the matter.
Sure enough, windows won't boot, it just constantly restarts.
Push F8 on boot and hit "Disable Automatic Restart on Failure" so you can see the blue screen. My BSOD said the following:
Stop Error 0x00000074

After googling this, it pointed me to a bad registry.
The logical step in the matter is to use "Last Known Good Configuration" on the F8 menu, this option did not auto-reboot with a BSOD like before, but it never actually loaded up Windows. So after cloning the HDD, (I used Paragon Hard Disk Manager, but you can use anything), I had a few problems with the BCD file. So i booted off a Windows Installation disk, loaded a command prompt, and typed:

bcdboot D:\windows

It says D: because it found C: as my 100MB System reserved partition, the one with the Boot partition files on it.  After bcdboot did its job, my bcd file was rewritten correctly. This may be oversimplifying things because i've had so many hassles with the BCD Files, but you can check how things are going with BCDedit /enum all.

Now I was back where I was before, with the registry still broken on the new HDD.
After trying about 50 different things which I won't get into, I stumbled upon a CD I had used a few other times called "Super ERD Commander" (I believe I was using version 2005).
I assumed I could boot this and then check the registry files directly to do something to them manually, but to my surprise, as soon as I booted Super ERD Commander 2005, it tells me something to the nature of
 "Found a corrupted registry hive, Fixing it." 

Well Thanks!
So I reboot, and voila, Windows boots, and everything is fixed! No lost data or anything.


yy said...

i had a windows 8 64bit enterpise edition ,its working fine ,lasy day i installed kaspersky endpoint 10 on it and restat after windows show BSOD

after i tryied to automatic repair and refresh the pc but fail at last install winowd to new drive and tried to analyze the old dump files ,i search and got one bluescreenview from this site

but not found any valuable error its shows some ntoskrnl.exe MESSAGES PLESE HELP this is due to antivirus or windows ?

Abei Villafane said...

I think this means your registry is corrupted. Go into C:\Windows\System32\config
there should be a folder called RegBack . This is a backup of your registry. Then copy those files to the C:\Windows\System32\config, overwriting the old ones (make a backup if you like). GL! Maybe do more searches on how to recover from a corrupted registry. Maybe there is an easy way in Win8

ajaxonasp said...

Abei Villafane thanks for your comment and information.
solved your help.

Paul Cantle said...

Abei Villafane - Thank you SO MUCH. This helped me out too after a random crash. In case anyone is reading and looking for the same issue. I was running ESXi 5.1 (latest patch) with Windows 2012. - Thanks again.

Veselin Bikov said...

Abei Villafane, thanks a lot. Your advice worked perfect with me and there is no loss of info

Ekstreme said...

Abei Villafane, you're a legend!