Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mt.Gox lag comments by MagicalTux

<Happzz> MagicalTux you guys need to buy some better hardware, uplinks and coders. you make a fortune and you still can't handle the traffic and processing you're paid for.
<@MagicalTux> Happzz: hardware/uplink/coding is only 10% of our spendings
<@MagicalTux> close to 50% is legal fees to promote bitcoin's legality worldwide
<@MagicalTux> remaining 40% is support

Current order lag is 48.999525 seconds
I've seen this go as high as 600 seconds (10 minutes) - some people reported 13-15 minutes during the height of the bitcoin "Crash" of March 6, 2013.....
I was arguing with someone about the fact that the Mt.Gox lag CAUSED the crash. I for one believe it did not. However, it may have had a feedback loop type of effect, where once people noticed how laggy it was they realized the high amount of activity and tried to sell off as if this lag were some type of panic indicator.

This will hopefully all be remedied by the new Coinlab merger/acquisition. But for now the lag remains.

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