Monday, March 04, 2013

Playstation 4 PS4 Tesselation AMD APU

Do you think the PS4 is going to focus on tesselation?

efx: the 970 core could do it
efx: the ps4 is running and AMD apu
efx: the thing is, games need reasonable amount of tessellation in conjunction with decent normal mapping
efx: among other things

Any chance PS4 is gonna support DX11 if its an AMD Apu then ?

efx: running crazy levels of tessellation is of limited benefit
efx: yes, i'm confident it will
efx: and next xbox is also amd apu based, as is the wii u
efx: I'm hoping it will help sort out some of the console port BS
efx: no more optimizing for power pc rubbish

Note that you do not need DirectX to do tessellation.
Plus, OpenGL 4.1 supports the current tessellation techniques in the latest hardware.
Also, It would not actually be called DX11 on a PS4 :)

Lets see what happens :)

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